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Medical record for Northrige hospital

Name Professor Course Date Community health Plan for Northridge hospital Overview of the Community Hospital The hospital provides services to the spanning unincorporated areas communities and the cities within and around it. The main regions include Ventura and Los Angeles counties in the areas of Simi Valleys and Fernando. Simply the geographical region of the Northridge hospital comprises of 26 cities which lie within 37 ZIP codes. This is 90% of all the patients that have been recorded from the fiscal year 2016-2017.On its primary service Northridge hospital has approximately 20 ZIP codes in areas such as Reseda Pacoima North Hills Granada Hills and Canoga Park which represent 77% of the patients visiting the health center. In the characteristics of the population Northridge hospital has about 1.6 million residents. The estimated median age of the people in the Northridge hospital program plan will be implemented from the period 2018-2020.The budget amount is 1 000 000 dollars. Program partners The program will involve the service providers and the agencies within the Northridge community hospital. During the set period the members will review information about the priority health needs of the residents to come up with a solution. Program strategy plan The program will be addressed based on the following action strategies: Decreasing the problem of obesity among the children of the residents. Increasing the services concerned with mental health problems. Enhancing the availability of drugs of the patients diagnosed with cancer diabetes and heart disorders Increasing healthcare utilization and access to the residents within the Northridge hospital center. By 2020 the health and mental issues of the residents in the region will have improved if such strategies will have been implemented.
Community Health Planning Proposal: The scenario is that a donor in the community wants to give $1,000,000 to address a priority health need or issue in the area. As a community health planner, you have been asked to write a 3-page proposal to make a case for your community to get the funds.

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