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Mba assignment 7 (Marketing)

MBA assignment 7 (Marketing) Professor The Name of the School The Date MBA assignment 7 (Marketing) Executive Summary Super Group Ltd is an investment holding company that manufactures and dispenses instant beverage and food products chiefly in East Asia Singapore Southeast Asia and globally. The company delivers patented consumer goods comprising canned drinks instant coffee mixes instant cereals non-dairy creamers instant tea mixes among others (Super Group 2015). In addition for food and beverage market it manufactures food ingredients that include whip toppo powders cold water soluble creamers spray-dried coffee freeze-dried coffee among others. Therefore the company is in effect in two sections Food Ingredients and Branded Consumer. The vision of the company illustrates that in food and beverage manufacturing the company seek to be a global manufacturer so as to make someone happy every day. In everything the company does there is a spirit of positivity since they internationally its products are already known in India making it easier to penetrate in the market because what it requires is emphasis of its product. References Aaker D. A. & McLoughlin D. 2010. Strategic Market Management – Global Perspectives. West Sussex: John Wiley & Sons Ltd. Daniel R. 2011. Strategic Foresight and Porter’s Five Forces. Munich: GRIN Verlag. George J. Taryn W. & John S. 1994. Forecasting and Market Analysis Techniques: A Practical Approach. Westport CT: Quorum Books. Michael G. 2012. Business Process Management: Theory and Applications. New York: Springer. Ralf S. 2010. Marketing Planning by Design: Systematic Planning for Successful Marketing strategy. New York: Wiley Publisher Roger N. R. 2002. Introduction to Environmental Analysis New York: John Wiley & Sons. SUPER GROUP LTD. 2015. SUPER GROUP LTD : ANNUAL REPORT 2015 retrieved from Roger K. et al. 2203. “Marketing”. 7th Ed. New York NY: Mc Graw Hill.
Assignment on marketing. Refer to attached file for task details

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