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Maternity Vices

Maternal Vices and its Impacts to Child’s Pre- and Post-Natal Development Name Institution Maternal Vices and its Impacts to Child’s Pre- and Post-Natal Development The child’s development inside the mother’s womb is largely owed to the capability of the mother to take care of her own body during her pregnancy. However there are certain instances where women carry over bad habits and vices during their pregnancy stages and this can pose serious problems to the development of a child. This research will focus on the various effects of ingestion of toxic substances particularly alcohol and nicotine to pre- and post-natal development of a child. Overview of Reasons to Avoid Maternal Vices during Pregnancy The first and primary reason to avoid having maternal vices during pregnancy is to avoiding harming the child’s health during its development inside the mother’s womb. While it is common knowledge Peacock Bland And Anderson (1991) J. DeSouza L. D’Souza L. & Wakschlag L. (2008). Evidence-based policy and practice: Meaningful differences in maternal smoking behaviour during pregnancy: Implications for infant behavioural vulnerability. Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health (1979-) 62(4) 318-324. Shu X. Hatch M. Mills J. Clemens J. & Susser M. (1995). Maternal Smoking Alcohol Drinking Caffeine Consumption and Fetal Growth: Results from a Prospective Study. Epidemiology 6(2) 115-120. Strandberg-Larsen K. Grønbæk M. Andersen A. Andersen P. & Olsen J. (2009). Alcohol Drinking Pattern During Pregnancy and Risk of Infant Mortality. Epidemiology 20(6) 884-891. Walpole I. Zubrick S. & Pontré J. (1990). Is There a Fetal Effect with Low to Moderate Alcohol Use before or during Pregnancy? Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health (1979-) 44(4) 297-301. Windham G. Swan S. Fenster L. Susser M. Shu X. Hatch M. . . . Clemens J. (1995). Maternal Smoking Alcohol Consumption and Fetal Growth. Epidemiology 6(5) 570-571.
Using online journal databases / library content, and submit a thoughtful paper using at least one formal journal article to support your statements. You should connect the topic to the course materials including relevant theories and themes, and support your arguments with your research from the library.
A young woman, pregnant for the first time, believes that a few cigarettes and a glass of wine a day won’t be harmful. Provide research-based reasons for not smoking or drinking. Cite current studies that show pros and cons of this behavior.

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