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Martial law

Martial law These are the guiding laws and principles that are put in place when the government of the day is absent. Most times it is put in place when there is civil unrest chaos or a military war where the country fights and defends its borders from enemies. Usually the military which is in charge may impose some the force vested in it to bring about order or even administer criminal and civil laws. During this period the Sugar field tendering processes favored the allies. This reduced fair level ground and denied other equally deserving citizens the chance of doing business or engaging in the economy development. As a result was impoverishment of the Filipino people at the expense of the Marcos Martial Law governance. REFERENCESRosenberg David A. ed. Marcos and martial law in the Philippines. Cornell University Press 1979. Brillantes Alex B. Dictatorship & martial law: Philippine authoritarianism in 1972. Great Books Publishers 1987.
Outline for Assignment on Martial Law:
1. Describing what Martial Law is.
2. An example of a country where martial law was applied.
3. The effects of martial law in the mentioned countries.
4. References.

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