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Marketing / management report

MANAGEMENT PROJECT: CAMBRIDGE CARS By: (Name) Module name and Code Submission Date Assignment number Word count:: 3819 Contents TOC o “1-3” h z u Task A PAGEREF _Toc503029337 h 3Planning PAGEREF _Toc503029338 h 3Key Goals PAGEREF _Toc503029339 h 3Key Inputs PAGEREF _Toc503029340 h 3Structure of the Organization. PAGEREF _Toc503029341 h 6Task B PAGEREF _Toc503029342 h 7Economy: External Factor affecting the Automobile Company PAGEREF _Toc503029343 h 7Taxation PAGEREF _Toc503029344 h 8Interest Rates PAGEREF _Toc503029345 h 8Proportionality of the Demand and Supply PAGEREF _Toc503029346 h 8Government Regulations PAGEREF _Toc503029347 h 9Task C PAGEREF _Toc503029348 h 9Models and Framework PAGEREF _Toc503029349 h 9Uniqueness of Product Different from the Competitors PAGEREF _Toc503029350 h 9Core Target Market PAGEREF _Toc503029351 h 11Distribution Strategy and Price Strategy PAGEREF _Toc503029352 h 12Indirect Distribution Strategy PAGEREF _Toc503029353 h 12References List PAGEREF _Toc503029361 h 18 Task APlanningKey Goalsworldwide profitability the organization¬ís core business To make a massive lead with In 11 th International Conference on Durability of Materials and Components Istanbul Turkey. Journal Laeven R.J. and Goovaerts M.J. 2008. Premium calculation and insurance pricing. Encyclopedia of Quantitative Risk Analysis and Assessment. Web (2015). Metal Stamping Equipment. [online] Available at: [Accessed 6 Jan. 2018]. Article Poullikkas A. 2015. Sustainable options for electric vehicle technologies. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 41 pp.1277-1287. Scholarly Article Romm J. 2006. The car and fuel of the future. Energy Policy 34(17) pp.2609-2614. Journal Wirtz J. Tuzovic S. and Ehret M. 2015. Global business services: Increasing specialization and integration of the world economy as drivers of economic growth. Journal of Service Management 26(4) pp.565-587. Article Parks K. Denholm P. and Markel T. 2007. Costs and emissions associated with plug-in hybrid electric vehicle charging in the Xcel Energy Colorado service territory (No. NREL/TP-640-41410). National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) Golden CO. ADDIN Mendeley Bibliography CSL_BIBLIOGRAPHY
Assignment task(s)
This assignment requires you to complete a marketing/management report on your business scenario covering the following:

Task A (1500 words)
Howwould you successfully plan and organise your business? Including:
Identify key goals for the business over the next 3 years. Each goal must be both realistic and justified, and consistent with the findings in Section B.
What are the key inputs (e.g. machinery, inventory, number of staff, staff skills) required to enable the organisation to reach those goals?
How would you structure the organisation? Justify your selection.

Task B (500 words)
Identify what you would consider to be the most important external factor affecting your organization, using evidence to support your argument (it must be relevant to your specific industry)

Task C (1500 words)
Using appropriate models and frameworks identify:
What makes your product/service different from your competitors?
Who is your core target market?
How does your choice of distribution/location and pricing strategy reflect your product/service and target customers?

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