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Market Segmentation and Product Strategy

Market Segmentation of Microsoft Azure Name Institutional Affiliation Date Microsoft Azure is designed to meet the needs of Information Technology expertise and other customers over the world that need cloud computing facilities. Moreover organizations that use servers and cloud services are targeted consumers of Microsoft Azure. The young generation uses the applications and entertainment products of Azure (Copeland et al 2015). Basing on geographic segmentation Microsoft targets the consumers of Azure in various parts of the world that is IT specialists organizations and individual consumers of Microsoft Azure. However on the basis of proper marketing strategies. Microsoft will meet their marketing goals through increasing their sales and consumers worldwide (Dudovskiy 2017). References Top of Form Copeland M. Soh J. Puca A. Manning M. & Gollob D. (2015). Microsoft Azure: Planning deploying and managing your data center in the cloud. Dudovskiy J. (2017). Microsoft Segmentation Targeting and Positioning РResearch Methodology. Research Methodology. Retrieved 22 January 2018 from Marketing Strategy. (2016). Business Queensland. Retrieved 22 January 2018 from Segment Information РMicrosoft Investor Relations. Retrieved 22 January 2018 from Bottom of Form
Write a 2-page paper about the product, Microsoft Azure, addressing the following:

1. Analyze the target market segments in relation to the product “Microsoft Azure.”

2. Identify the market segments (at least 2) you believe would be effective to target for the product.

3. Explain how the product serves the wants and needs of each target segment.

4. Evaluate the growth potential of the product within each target segment.

5. Evaluate the effectiveness of the company’s current marketing strategy being used within each target segment. Provide 2 examples each of how the strategy is and is not effective.

6. Based on your analysis, recommend 2 alternative strategies that would better position the product for each target segment and explain the likely outcome for failing to implement such strategies.

7. Explain the types of challenges the company is likely to face in trying to reposition the product and change customers’ perceptions of the product.

8. Explain the importance of branding/positioning in an effective marketing strategy for the Microsoft Azure product.
Support your recommendations with 2 marketing theories, models, or principles to provide clear and compelling support for your marketing strategy recommendations.

Must support your analyses with at least 4 relevant resources.
Resources must be formatted according to current APA guidelines.

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