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MacDoalds Company

McDonald’s Company by (Name) (Course) (Tutor) (University) The City and State where it is located Date Executive Summary This paper aims to look at the success of McDonald’s and the possible threats and competitors that may affect its success. By looking at the companies SWOT and PESTLE analysis it is possible to determine its competitive advantage in the fast food industry. The paper also highlights the company’s strategic position in regards to the Five Force proposed by Porter to determine how it is able to counter the threats that am to compromise its business success. Introduction McDonald is a great international food retailer company that boasts thousands of food stores all over the world which serve a considerable number of customers on a daily basis. McDonald’s has managed to stay competitive and establish a significant brand image since its inception because of its continuous quick service quality food everyday on ensuring food high quality The company expresses low innovation of products Economic slowdown may make people spend on food more The fluctuations of foreign currencies affect the company McDonald’s has embraced modern infrastructure and innovation McDonalds is greatly criticized for providing junk food to the public Through working to better the community it can attract more customers and better itself too Many food companies are increasingly lowering their product prices. Table SEQ Table * ARABIC 2 PESTLE Analysis Political Economic Social Technological Environmental Policies of home market Future legislation War and conflicts Tradition policies Government policies Environmental issues Home economic changes Local economic trends Currency fluctuations Lifestyle trends Consumer opinion Ethical issues Advertising ethics Media views Buying patterns Technological innovations Innovation potential Intellectual property challenges Nature of products Disposing of wastes Figure SEQ Figure * ARABIC 1 PESTLE Chart Figure SEQ Figure * ARABIC 2 McDonald’s Major Competitors
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