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M3 Toyota Case study

Toyota Case Study Student’s Name Institution Date Toyota Case Study Why Europeans tried to protect their Auto Industry from Japanese Imports The Europeans protected their domestic motor industry from Japanese auto imports by limiting their imports using quotas. The two parties agreed to the quota amounts because through this the European market would maintain itself as the main manufacturer for the market in Europe. An additional motivation for this kind of protection was that during this period the European auto market was still growing and they wanted to maintain a steady monopoly above the Japanese (Daniels Radebaugh Sullivan & Salwan 1983). European countries could not risk being overtaken by foreign automakers. The steps above allowed them to maintain the larger portion of the market share until a time when they were able to lift the restrictions. By managing trade in these ways the European market was kept safe and designing core models in these European destinations. They have opened these plants in the same countries as Toyota did and today with no trade restrictions they can perform as well as European native companies. References Barron A. Pereda A. & Stacey S. (2017). Exploring the performance of government affairs subsidiaries: A study of organisation design and the social capital of European government affairs managers at Toyota Motor Europe and Hyundai Motor Company in Brussels. Journal of World Business  52(2) 184-196. Daniels J. D. Radebaugh L. H. Sullivan D. P. & Salwan P. (1983). International business. Pearson Education India. Jothi K. & Kalaivani P. (2015). A Study on Financial Performance of Honda and Toyota Automobile Company A Comparative Analysis. Journal of Progressive Research in Social Sciences  2(1) 33-35. Yoshimoto K. & Bae I. (2017). An Exploratory Study on Strategy of Korea and Japanese Companies in Visegrad Group. International Information Institute (Tokyo). Information  20(6A) 3853-3860.
Please read the “Toyota’s European Drive ” case from chapter 7, and answer to the following questions. It is important for you to read the chapter carefully before attempting to answer the assignment. The learning from reading the text must be reflected in your answers. Grading criteria for case studies are listed under “course information.”

Why did the Europeans try to protect their auto industry from Japanese imports, and do you think this was fair to European consumers?
Toyota has established production facilities in Europe to service European markets. Has Hyundai, Kia, or Honda followed the same strategy? If so, in which countries have they set up manufacturing, and are they the same ones where Toyota is manufacturing?
Note: A useful Web site for the case is where you can explore the European operations of the company in greater detail. Carefully review the PowerPoint slides for Chapter Seven.


Prepare your responses in no more than 4 type written pages (in APA Format). There is no need to write too much. Try to stick to the points.
Conduct a spelling check carefully before submitting your response.

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