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Long-term / Short-term Orientation according to the reference to Saudi Arabia

Name: Course: Professor: Date: Long-Term/Short-Term Orientation Hofstede’s cultural Dimensions framework is a model for cross-cultural communication initially pioneered by Geert Hofstede a Dutch researcher. It depicts the impacts of a communities’ culture on the values of the community’s members and how these values correlates with behavior. He established the original model as a consequence of using factor analysis to investigate the outcomes of the global survey of IBM employee’s values. In particular he conducted an extensive survey study of approximately 117 000 IBM Europe staffs where he initially focused on the 40 biggest nations and later stretched to 50 nations and three regions. The original theory suggested five dimensions upon which cultural values could be examined and evaluated these dimensions comprised: first Power Distance Index (PDI) this dimension refers to the degree that the less powerful individuals of a society institution or organization anticipate and accept power to be higher on long-term orientation implying that it ascribes to values of long-term commitments and future consequences. Therefore individuals should invest today with future consequences in mind. Attributes like that are positive to investors who are targeting at long-term investment in that an environment that is long-term oriented provides the investment adequate time to multiply since it takes time for return on investment. Works Cited BIBLIOGRAPHY Al-Jarrah Idries Rifat Shannak and Bader Obeidat. “Toward Better Understanding for Arabian Culture: Implications Based on Hofstede’s Cultural Model.” European Journal of Social Sciences 28.4 (2012): 512-522. Kenneth Peter. “Hofstede’s Cultural Dimensions and Student’s Ability to Develop an Entrepreneural Spirit.” Social and Behavioural Sciences 46 (2012): 5553-5557. Najm Najm. “Arab Culture Dimensions in the International and Arab Models.” American Journal of Business Economics and Management 3.6 (2015): 423-431. Wellington John. Intercultural Aspects of Doing Business with Saudi Arabia. New York: Cambridge University press 2013.
1-Introduction about Hofstede’s five Cultural Dimensions
2-Long-term/Short-term Orientation in Saudi arabia.
3- how these are positive for the foreign investors and
4- how it guides the overseas manager in Saudi Arabia.

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