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Life and literacy work of Paulo coehlo

Name Professor Affiliation Course Date Introduction Pablo Coelho is an author born in Brazil. He is best known as a song writer and an author and one of his novels ‘the alchemist’ is widely translated into many different languages. Some of his books or novels are autobiographical such as the pilgrimage and other novels are fictional although they are rooted in his life experiences. When Paulo was young he wanted to become a writer in the future but his parents were against that and they wanted him to be an engineer. Paulo objects the idea of being an engineer which made his parents take him to the mental institution. He was later released and he joined a law school. One year later he drops out of school and started living a hippie life travelling around the world and started using drugs. After his return to Brazil Paulo starts working uses different writing elements that engages readers and enables the readers to understand the main message of the stories. Paulo uses literary tools such as themes styles characterization conflict genre symbolism and setting in his stories so that readers can understand clearly the aim of the stories. The story of the alchemist reflects the life of the author in a certain way Santiago being the character that resembles the author by the way they want to achieve their dreams. References Coelho G. E. P. (2014). Fiction’s Digital Alchemist. The Wall Street Journal August 14. Mayer C. H. (2017). The life and creative works of Paulo Coelho: A psychobiography from a Positive Psychology perspective. Springer. DAN D. R. D. E. R. & MAULANA A. (2016). An Analysis of Conflicts of Main Characters in Coelho’s By the River Piedra I Sat Down and Wept. Disa Ramadhani. 127010027 (Doctoral dissertation Sastra Inggris).
Attachments has the instructions. This paper is for a female ESL student studying nursing in a community college. PLEASE USE STANDARD ENGLISH LANGUAGE. THANKS

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