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Legal Strategies for Your Business Plan

Legal Strategies and Planning Student Name Institution Course Date Introduction Proper functioning of a business is always associated with effective and strict adherence to the law governing the business. Any successful business has an effective and working constitution used by the institution and which regulates the functions of the employees. The super-ordinates in the apple company have increasingly recognized the significance of the legal capabilities of a successful organization. For this reason it is important for the company to work on the rules and regulation governing the employees and their relationship with the customers. Laws governing any organization provides a clear framework of what is expected of the involved parties in the organization or the firm. The business conduct policy should be understood and followed to produce the required output and give the optimum customer utility. Principles such as demonstration of honesty in work and treating customers and the of Apple Company its organizational culture is characterized by the following factors: Innovativeness creativity secrecy temperate combativeness and lastly top-level excellence. The Company employs the reward system as well as the interpersonal strategies in order to promote the adoption of the mentioned ethical behaviors. Orientation as well as offering the training programs are some of the strategies that are used to acclimatize the new employees within a new organizational culture. References Riivari E. Lämsä A. M. Kujala J. & Heiskanen E. (2012). The ethical culture of organizations and organizational innovativeness. European Journal of Innovation Management  15(3) 310-331. Bagley C. E. (2015). Managers and the legal environment: Strategies for the 21st century. Cengage Learning. Sloan A. E. (2015). Basic legal research: Tools and strategies. Wolters Kluwer Law & Business. Ruiz-Palomino P. Martínez-Cañas R. & Fontrodona J. (2013). Ethical culture and employee outcomes: The mediating role of person-organization fit. Journal of Business Ethics  116(1) 173-188.
Prepare a 2,000-word deliverable that includes legal strategies and planning for your business plan. Include the ethical culture within the organizations and ways to ensure members adhere to the ethical culture as well as acclimate new members to the organization’s ethical culture. Please follow up with Apple company

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