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Learning Disorders

Learning Disorders Name Institution Learning Disorders According to Sperry (2016) a learning disorder is an umbrella name for those diseases that affect the way people acquire retain understand or how they use verbal and non-verbal information. Such illnesses affect the learning and development of individuals who demonstrate below-average abilities that are vital for reasoning thinking or reacting. Learning disorders are however different from intellectual deficiency disorders. This paper reviews learning disabilities under three sections. First it will describe the types and signs of learning disorders as reported by Davis et al. (2011). Secondly the article will review the causes and symptoms of the disorders discussed by Lerner et al. (2015) and lastly the paper will describe intervention methods for treating the disorders according to Sperry (2016). Davis et al. (2011) state that learning disorders are as a result of impaired processes in perceiving remembering thinking or learning. Those operations emphasize the real-life use of arithmetic like comparing prices and changes as well as balancing checkbooks. Moreover teenagers with learning disorders but are unnoticed may experience functional literacy that might lead to further problems of frustration and depression. As a result their learning problems may become stressful. Nonetheless success for such persons can be overcome through early detection to undertake the proper diagnosis and strategizing a rightful individual education plan. Therefore the prognosis is advisable for early detection and treatment of learning disorders that might persist into adulthood (Sperry 2016). References Davis J. M. & Broitman J. (2011). Nonverbal Learning Disabilities in Children [recursoelectrónico]: Bridging the Gap Between Science and Practice. EstadosUnidos: Springer New York. Lerner J. W. Johns B. H. & Lerner J. W. (2015). Learning disabilities and related disabilities: Strategies for success. Sperry L. (2016). Mental health and mental disorders: An encyclopedia of conditions treatments and well-being.
The intention is to provide a more up-to-date information on how to work on learning disorders in different countries through this research, For this reason, it is necessary to conduct a study of at least 3 books or English article about working methods for learning disorders in different countries. Please be aware that the year of publication of the material used after 2010.

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