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Leadership Values and traits

Name Tutor Course Date Leadership skills. Leadership exists at various stage of the growing life cycle. Since the toddler stage there was always that one kid who would like the rest in group activities. Different names have been given to refer to the leaders being from captains prefects team leaders senators presidents etc. leaders not only help themselves but also initiate the rest to become be responsible and do the right tasks or as required by the law. Their significant influence over a group of people includes setting direction creating a vision for inspiration type of leader everybody was born a leader but the manifestation of qualities requires a close checking and inspiration from the people around them. Leadership is acquired through the process of observation training and learning from what is affecting the society. Trying to solve and finding the cause of people problem in a society is the first act towards leadership. In a competitive democratic society leaders are chosen by the people through ballots and other ways. The process the bet leader or candidate may lose the election giving leadership to undesired train to lead.
Post your response, one page, single space. What values, traits do you admire in a leader and why? Are they inborn or developed?

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