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Leadership & Management Theories

Application of Leadership and Management Theories in Hub International Ltd (Student name/number) (Institution name) (Course name/code) (Date) Table of Contents TOC o “1-3” h z u Introduction PAGEREF _Toc509952874 h 4About Hub International Ltd PAGEREF _Toc509952875 h 4Description of Leadership PAGEREF _Toc509952876 h 5Development of Leadership Theories PAGEREF _Toc509952877 h 6Great Man Theories PAGEREF _Toc509952878 h 6Trait Theory PAGEREF _Toc509952879 h 7Contingency Theories PAGEREF _Toc509952880 h 8Strategic Contingencies Theory PAGEREF _Toc509952881 h 9Fiedler¬ís Contingency Theory PAGEREF _Toc509952882 h 9Situational Theories PAGEREF _Toc509952883 h 11Behavioral Leadership Theories PAGEREF _Toc509952884 h 11Participative Leadership Theory PAGEREF _Toc509952885 h 13Transactional Leadership Theory PAGEREF _Toc509952886 h 14Transformational Leadership Theories PAGEREF _Toc509952887 h 15Development of Management Theories PAGEREF _Toc509952888 h 16Scientific Management Theory PAGEREF _Toc509952889 h 17Administrative Management Theory PAGEREF _Toc509952890 h 18Human Relations Management Theory PAGEREF _Toc509952891 h 19Systems Management Theory PAGEREF _Toc509952892 h 20Bureaucratic Management Theory PAGEREF _Toc509952893 h 20Management Theory X and Retrieved March 24 2018 from Kessler E.H. 2017. Why Do Management Theories Say What They Do? Toward a Management M-Theory. Group & Organization Management 42(5) pp.598-629. Landis E.A. Hill D. and Harvey M.R. 2014. A Synthesis of Leadership Theories and Styles. Journal of Management Policy and Practice 15(2) p.97. Lawter L. Kopelman R.E. and Prottas D.J. 2015. McGregor’s Theory X and Job Performance: A Multilevel Multi-source Analysis. Journal of Managerial Issues 27(1-4) p.84. Lussier R.N. and Achua C.F. 2015. Leadership: Theory Application & Skill Development. Nelson Education. Northouse P.G. 2018. Leadership: Theory and Practice. Sage Publications. Rahman M.M. 2016. Leadership. Analysis of Trait Behaviour and Contingency Theories. Thorpe R. 2016. Gower Handbook of Leadership and Management Development. CRC Press. Waring S.P. 2016. Taylorism Transformed: Scientific Management Theory since 1945. UNC Press Books. Wheelen T.L. Hunger J.D. Hoffman A.N. and Bamford C.E. 2017. Strategic Management and Business Policy. Pearson.
Assignment Question: Critically evaluate the application of leadership theories to a leader in an organisational context (e.g. a company of your choice) and management theories to a contemporary organisation. Complete the assignment above to test the following module learning outcomes: 1. Critically evaluate the development of leadership and management theories; 2. Critically appreciate the nature of leadership and management theories and their application in a range of leadership and management settings.

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