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Law discussion post

Student’s name Professor’s name Course Date Rapidity of Socio-Legal Change in the U.S Introduction According to Durkheim a rapid change in the society will likely lead to changes in individuals that would otherwise lead to an increase in criminal activity as a result of deviance (Durkheim p64). Durkheim also noted that a loss in the society’s cohesion led to adverse behaviors such as an increase in the rates of suicide. This led to Durkheim conducting a study on the characters of individuals who committed suicide and concluded that a cohesive society controls people change their views on religion and gender. There has also been the aspect of diffusion whereby the population is absorbing a significant number of new goods which are being manufactured. Work cited Durkheim Emile. The rules of sociological method: and selected texts on sociology and its method. Simon and Schuster 2014. Farris Sara R. Max Weber’s Theory of Personality: Individuation Politics and Orientalism in the Sociology of Religion. 2013. Pradella Lucia. “Crisis Revolution and Hegemonic Transition: The American Civil War and Emancipation in Marx’s Capital.” Science & Society 80.4 (2016): 454-467.
A discussion post for issues in law and society class. consists of 4 posts, but 2 main paragraphs. I can send directions when hired.

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