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Journal Number 2

Addiction and Mental Health Name Institution Addiction and Mental Health Addiction and mental health conditions are some of the common cases that most health practitioners deal with on a daily basis. Dealing with addiction and mental health conditions that keep recurring can be challenging to the user and it is why such individuals need medical help. On several occasions it has been discovered that addiction to drug substances and alcohol is what contributes to mental illness. Addiction is a behavior that people develop due to the habit of drawing pleasure being placed on the mental conditions and the specific individuals being assessed. For people dealing with addiction it is important to assess their behavior before addressing the feelings and thoughts they have to the substance that they are addicted to. It is also important to have a background understanding of their beliefs since their attitudes maybe different if the medical procedure undertaken to treat their conditions is not in line with their belief practices. Reference Hays D.G. (2013). Assessment in counseling: A guide to the use of psychological assessment procedures.
If you use anything from the PowerPoints or discussions in class, that would be considered “reflective” information and does not require a citation. As the weeks go on, you may want to cite ideas or concepts from your readings, if that is the case, a reference page should be included. READ chapter 1-3 and write about what you read and what will you like to learn about in the future about addictions and mental health people BOOK TITLE: Hays, Danica. Assessment in Counseling: A Guide to the Use of Psychological Assessment Procedures, 5th ed. American Counseling Association, 2013
must be APA format 2 pages reference page and cover page

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