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Issues in International Business

ISSUES IN INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS Name of Student Name of Institution Course Date Culture and business are to a large extent related. For us to conduct businesses with other people successfully we have to understand their culture will and ensure cultural compatibility. Cultural compatibility can be defined as the degree to which people from different cultures understand appreciate and accommodate the cultural differences and this helps reduce potential conflicts therefore creating ad good room for business to be conducted. Learning how to accommodate cultural differences is key to any business’s success. In this paper I have Japan as my host country. As people have different rationales for choosing their countries mine was due to personal reasons. Years ago during my honeymoon I went to Japan. The people there are always welcoming. Here is where you get to experience ancient traditions the best accommodation impeccable hospitality as well as a world-class De Mooij M. & Hofstede G. (2010). The Hofstede model: Applications to global branding and advertising strategy and research. International Journal of Advertising  29(1) 85-110. Ember S. (2005). Fashioning kimono: dress and modernity in early twentieth-century Japan. 5 Continents Editions. Hofstede G. (2010). Geert hofstede. National cultural dimensions. Lim K. H. Leung K. Sia C. L. & Lee M. K. (2004). Is eCommerce boundary-less? Effects of individualism–collectivism and uncertainty avoidance on Internet shopping. Journal of International Business Studies  35(6) 545-559. Marcus A. & Gould E. W. (2009). Crosscurrents: cultural dimensions and global Web user-interface design. interactions  7(4) 32-46. Marriott H. (1993). Politeness phenomena in Japanese intercultural business communication. Intercultural communication studies  3(1) 15-37. Selvarajah C. & Meyer D. (2008). One nation three cultures: exploring dimensions that relate to leadership in Malaysia. Leadership & Organization Development Journal  29(8) 693-712. Trompenaars F. & Hampden-Turner C. (2011). Riding the waves of culture: Understanding diversity in global business. Nicholas Brealey Publishing.
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