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Is Homeschooling a basic form of Education?

Name Professor Course Date Is homeschooling a basic form of education? The world all over seems to have come to a common conclusion that people can be best educated in institutions in what is known as the institutional educational system. The institutional educational system is a model of education whereby students are expected to join public or private institutions in which students seeking to acquire a similar set of skills undergo a given process of education. Even though institution-based education system is the accepted way of giving basic education some parents opt for homeschooling as the basic form of educating their children (Isenberg 390). Many people however question the viability of homeschooling as a basic form of education. Those who oppose homeschooling argue that attending schools is an integral part of basic education since it is through schools that children learn dreams early in life. Children in schools will often put their trust in the education system and follow it blindly until they realize later in life. Homeschooling on the other hand teaches children to take charge of their lives from an early stage in life and thus enables them to take self-initiatives (Ray). All in all homeschooling has the ability to give children basic education the same way or better than schooling does. Children who are schooled at home will have the same set of skills and abilities as children who attend school. Works cited Colom Ed. “The ins and outs of homeschooling: The determinants of parental motivations and student achievement.” Education and Urban Society 37.3 (2005): 307-335. Isenberg Eric J. “What have we learned about homeschooling?” Peabody Journal of Education 82.2-3 (2007): 387-409 Ray Brian D. “Research Facts on Homeschooling.” National home education research institute (2015).
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