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Introduction for a research paper

Student’s Name Professor’s Name Subject Date Death of a parent in relation to mental illness/ psychopathic behaviors Introduction Losing a parent at a young age is always traumatic studies reveal that such experiences in most cases result in negative outcomes in relation to the individual’s mental physical and emotional development. Some of this outcome may include increased likelihood of drug and substance abuse higher risk of criminal behavior greater vulnerability to depression and mental illness which can be as a result of depression developed over the years(Marks Nadine Heyjung result in mental illness as one reaches adulthood. Works Cited Ellis Jackie Chris Dowrick and Mari Lloyd-Williams. “The long-term impact of early parental death: lessons from a narrative study.” Journal of the royal society of medicine 106.2 (2013): 57-67. Granot Tamar. Without You – Children and Young People Growing up with Loss and Its Effects. Jessica Kingsley Publishers 2005. EBSCOhost Marks Nadine F. Heyjung Jun and Jieun Song. “Death of parents and adult psychological and physical well-being: A prospective US national study.” Journal of family issues 28.12 (2007): 1611-1638.
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