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Into the Wild Themes Paper

Ashley Harland Professor Wallace English 120 28 February 2018 Into the Wild: Into a New Skin Introduction During the spring season of 1990 Christopher graduates with an undergraduate degree from Emory University (Sánchez Vera 2). Among those in attendance are his wealthy parents and his teen sister. After his conference Christopher’s parents gift him with a new car to replace his old Datsun. Christopher refuses to accept the offer insisting that his Datsun works perfectly okay. Furthermore he intimates to his parents about his plans of joining Harvard Law School. His impressive grades in classes involving global social consciousness help him towards this ambition. Nonetheless we later realize that Chris had no intention of joining Harvard as he moved from his apartment without informing his immediate family. He arranges with the post office such that his mail may be held for several months before being returned to sender (Sánchez family. Instead he adopts an anti-materialism philosophy and gives away all of his life savings to charity. He even decides not to accept or give away any gifts since he has a moral problem with this. By doing so he displays his affection towards valuing principles more than the people around him. Furthermore being the compassionate person that he is we expect him to be all forgiving and show sympathy to those who go for days without food. He sympathizes with those who are starving and believes it is his responsibility to help them in the best way possible. However this trait is put to the test when he does not forgive his parents for their shortcomings. Works Cited Into the Wild. Dir. Sean Penn. Emile Hirsch Vince Vaughn Catherine Keener. Paramount. DVD. Sánchez Vera José Joaquín. “Thoreau as a Mirror for Jon Krakauer’s Into the Wild.” (2013): 2-3.
Please write a 5 page paper on 3 strong themes in the film “Into the Wild” (Found on Netflix). Need to have a strong, clear thesis but maintain emotion and personality throughout the text.

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