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International Business-Finla Project(BBB4M)

Name of the Company: Inner Voice Product: Sgnl Wrist Band Product Description: Sgnl is a product which will be designed in such a way that it connects to a watch either a smartwatch or an analog watch and uses body conduction. However those who don’t like watches can wear the Sgnl wristband only. The Sgnl sends vibrations from the wrist to the finger and eventually the ear making its primary purpose to be the response to phone calls. Precisely the band will be synced with one’s phone and it will receive a voice signal from the mobile phone through Bluetooth. Notably when the signal is received it will make vibration through its BCU (Body Conduction Unit) which in turn will transmit the vibration to an individual’s fingertip. When one puts their fingertip on the tragus of their ear the vibration echoes and amplified sound is created hence one can frustrated. One should be firm and patient while giving plenty of time to the negotiations. Conversely the Swedes cherish the idea of having a dialogue and being democratic. They like analyzing the background information and proposals in depth hence it is recommended to offer a Swedish business partner a lot of written information. It is however difficult to negotiate with them because they are difficult to change their position so as to come to a concession. Projected sales: the band will cost $200 when launched next month. The sales expectations are very high considering the number of backers we have been getting during the period of crowdfunding and also being a new technology that is anticipated by many the sales will be high. Therefore immediately the product is launched we expect a larger number of sales. Works Cited “Sgnl – Make Phone Calls with Your Fingertip Literally.” Kickstarter
BBB4M-Final Project (High School)

All the instructions you may need is on the outline I attached

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