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Interim Report

Black coal mining in Australia: Justification for expansion Student’s name Institution Course Date EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Australia happens to be among the greatest exporters of black coal. Approximately 75% of the black coal that is mined in Australia is exported with large percentage being exported to Eastern Asia. However despite the fact that coal is mined in all the states in Australia Queensland and The New South Wales are the main producers of the product. There has been debates and arguments that coal mining is contributing to climate change which to a certain level has become a hindrance in the mining industry. However as Rebgetz (2017) argues coal mining is not a huge contributor of climate change but instead its coal burning. However all these can be handled through development of an efficient and broader national policy governing all actions related to climate change. There ought to be climate change Development of Sustainability Assessment Method of Coal Mines. Journal of Sustainable Mining. Volume 13 Issue 4 2014 Pages 5-11. N. (2014). Coal seam gas water monitoring not good enough: chief scientist. The Sydney Morning Gerald. Retrieved from IBISWorld (2017). Black Coal Mining in Australia: Market Research Report. Retrieved from J. and Flitton D. (2014). Concerns at Barrier Reef contractor’s humanitarian environment record. Retrieved from Council of Australia. (2017). Climate change and low emissions coal technology. Australia’s coal industry. Retrieved from of Form Oleynik I. S. (2005). Australia: Mineral & mining sector investment and business guide. Washington DC: International Business Publications. Bottom of Form Rebgetz L. (2017). Queensland Resources Council denies urging Great Barrier Reef experts to ignore climate change. ABC News. Retrieved from M. & Morse R. (2015). The Global Coal Market. Cambridge University Press. World Coal Association. (2017). Uses of coal. Retrieved from
Please see the case study in the instructions and also analyst the two links provided in the case study.
1) Overview, 2) Need for the Project – including statements for justification relating to Social needs, Environmental issues, Energy dependencies (why do we need this?) and Economic needs. Please also include a conclusion and list of references.

The first section: Report 1500 words
asked to compile a report justifying the expansion of your company Black Coal Mining. You have been provided with a sample guideline, which may use as a starting point for the report.

Second Section:
one is to create speech around 500 words. at least 3 possible questions from the media and provide answers.

Please read the overall instructions the important part and sections.
Please put at least 10 reference including all the articles provided in the instructions and other articles, newspapers, websites, books

Please put headings for the reports 1500words and also for 500 words speech.
No need to make the table of content I will make it myself but please put headings and subheadings if needed.
Please look at rubric to match to get the best grades possible get

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