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Individual Counseling

Individual Counseling Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Part A: Physical and Emotional Neglect Addressed Issues from a Counseling Perspective for Lisa From a counseling perspective for Lisa it is clear her children are suffering physical and emotional neglect primarily because of her addiction to alcohol and cocaine. Therefore it would be advisable to deal with her case while trying to counsel her with regard to her addiction which has resulted in what is termed as child abuse (Kampen 2015). While preventing child abuse is nearly globally said to be a critical social policy startlingly less work has been performed to scrutinize the efficiency of the preventive measures and interventions. In Lisa’s case it is important to address the fact that emotional neglect for her kids may be happening because of her emotional inattentiveness where she is failing to notice attend to and respond accordingly to her children – this means is no team consultation with experts who represent the core disciplines is immensely recommended. If I realize that the culture of the children’s family is different from my own I will consult professionals with pertinent knowledge and understanding of the family’s culture. References Chen  C. Yang  N. & Chou  P. (2016). Child maltreatment in Taiwan for 2004–2013: A shift in age group and forms of maltreatment. Child Abuse & Neglect  52 169-176. doi:10.1016/j.chiabu.2015.10.029 Howe  D. (2015). Parent-Infant and Young Child Interventions. Child Abuse and Neglect 221-233. doi:10.1007/978-0-230-80239-1_13 Kampen  J. (2015). Recovery from Neglect: Coping and Intervening. Emotional Abuse and Neglect in the Workplace 136-173. doi:10.1057/9781137534330_7 Kendall-Tackett  K. Lyon  T. Taliaferro  G. & Little  L. (2015). Why child maltreatment researchers should include children’s disability status in their maltreatment studies. Child Abuse & Neglect  29(2) 147-151. doi:10.1016/j.chiabu.2004.09.002 Matthews  P. (2017). A multidisciplinary urban response to child abuse and neglect. Child Abuse & Neglect  1(1) 245-254. doi:10.1016/0145-2134(77)90071-0
You have a client who was referred by county social services, child welfare division, and you are working with Lisa, who recently had her three young children (April is 5, Joshua is 6 and Justine is 9 years of age) removed from her home for physical and emotional neglect. You arrangindividual counselinged for Lisa to have parenting classes and individual counseling so that she can learn how to better manage her frustration with her children. You also arrange to have her admitted to a drug rehabilitation program to help her with her addictions to alcohol and cocaine. You meet with Lisa once a week to discuss her progress and you also monitor her weekly visitation with her children. Successful completion of Lisa’s parenting plan will enable her to regain custody of her children. You will continue to monitor Lisa’s progress and her children’s progress who are in a foster care placement.

Address the following:

Part A

Determine what issues were addressed from a counseling perspective for Lisa.
Describe the plan you will implement to begin working more effectively with Lisa’s three children while in foster care.
This section should be written as a formal paper 2-3 pages. You should cite sources using APA format, and include a reference section at the end of your submission.

Part B

Address the following:

Psychologists, Social Workers, and other Clinicians conduct an initial meeting with their potential clients to assess what types of problems the client is dealing with. They also use this interview as a way to gather information to help determine the appropriate course of treatment.

Prepare an intake form to use during your initial meeting with the children to access what types of problems each child is dealing with. Intake forms range from 5-20 or more pages. For this assignment the form should be at least 2-4 pages. Make sure the form captures relevant information for you to implement an effective treatment plan.
Provide a summary of the information gained from the initial meeting with Lisa’s three children and develop a diagnosis, intervention, and treatment plan for the three children while in foster care. This should be 3-4 pages.

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