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In Class essay, Book name “Citizen” By Claudia American

Name Institution Tutor Date Effects of Racism The challenge of racism has been a turbulent matter in the American history even in the current century. Though the end of segregations in social amenities employment marriages and politics hid the issue of racial discrimination the African Americans are still exposed to challenges resulting from slavery for example stereotyping racial slurs and racial profiling. The African Americans are still stereotyped as second class citizens and therefore they are subjected to various hardships even though they fought diligently to gain citizenship in America after centuries (Rankine 58). Thus the African Americans are not protected by Citizenship that took them a long time to gain. Through her book “Citizen” Rankine addresses the theme of “everyday racism” experienced by the African Americans by illustrating the effects of racism on self-image and the threats of the issue on people’s lives. In the second chapter Rankine explores Danish resulted to many macro-aggressions. In conclusion Rankine’s poetry essentially explains the needs to respect and appreciate each other regardless of the color. If we do not recognize our neighbors because of color we hinder development and the progress of humankind. On the other hand accepting and recognizing people regardless of race promotes fair competition which facilitates development and the progress of human beings. Based on the Rankine’s work racism promoted many macro-aggressions between the white and black Americans (Rankine 110). Such aggressions impaired the development and unity in America. As the current citizens we should imitate the Serena characters which are necessary to reduce the effects of racial discriminations while fighting against the social injustices in the world. We are all equal and therefore we deserve equal justice for all without discriminations based on color sex or race. Work Cited Rankine Claudia. Citizen. 1st ed. Graywolf press  2014. ISBN 978-1-55597-690-3
Note: Since it’s in class essay, Prompt is not given by professor, but Needed 4pages of (In class essay ) regarding any chapter in that book, This chapters are not like other books, so don’t get confused. its sectioned by parts.

– Write an thesis about any one chapter from Book citizen.
– Identify the issue of the chapter how is being adressed.
-what is the author’s intent and how author points the issue.
– Also how can you connect this chapter in real event and to other chapters.
make sure your giving the best thesis, he expects the thesis must include everything, has to be expilict and specific.

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