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I Will Provide The Answers For You In Following Your Essay Based Responses


Please refer to Purdue OWL (Link ) and/or a current handbook in order to complete this assignment. I will provide the answers for you in following your essay-based responses.


2.      In looking at (Belenky et al. 205), what does et al. signify?

3.      What is the rule for underlining or italicizing titles?

4.      What is the rule for using quotation marks for titles?

5.      How would you document an anonymous work into your text? (Use “Hands of Time” as your source.)

6.      When you are citing an indirect source (or quoting a quote), which options do you have for documentation? (Susan Hardy Aikens is the indirect source, and Ann Mayers is the direct source.)

7.      Where does your end punctuation belong in a standard quotation? (A standard quotation is one that is not blocked.)

8.      Please provide two rules for block quotations.

9.      Why would you use brackets?

10.  What is the difference between brackets and parentheses?

11.  Why would you use ellipses?

12.  On the Works Cited page, how do you determine the order of the works included in your paper?


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