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I stand here irorning

Name: Course: Professor: Date: Mothers love their children so much but sometimes it becomes hard for them to show them love because of hard circumstances in life. In the short story “I Stand Here Ironing” by Tillie Lerner Olsen we see the case of Emily who faced many challenges during her childhood. Due to inevitable circumstances Emily faced child negligence and experienced absence of love as she grew. Despite the efforts by her mother to take good care of her Emily felt rejected by her mother and the society. In other incidences Emily faced thing is that towards the end of the story she has become a strong woman with life goals. In conclusion regarding “I Stand Here Ironing ” it suffices to say that short stories provide a vehicle to expose often underestimated point of view. Works Cited Frye Joanne S. “‘I Stand Here Ironing’: Motherhood as Experience and Metaphor.” Studies in Short Fiction vol. 18 no. 3 Summer81 p. 280. EBSCOhost Thomas Dwain. “Alice Walker: A Stitch in Time/Tillie Olsen: “I Stand Here Ironing.” Library Journal Vol. 131 no 4. 2006. P. 128. EBSCOhost
The picture is the instructions and the word file is the outline please go off of my outline and follow the instructions

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make sure to make a work cited page also essay should be Mla format

we need quotes from the actual book and also sorces from the wcjc database please make sure you cite them or i will get a 0

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