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I am Legend essay

Student’s name: Instructor’s name: Course: Date: THE THEME OF LOSS IN RICHARD MATHESON’S NOVEL ‘I AM A LEGEND’ In Richard Matheson’s post-apocalypse horror novel ‘I am a Legend’ an after-war plague infects virtually all people and turns the entire population into blood-feeding human-like creatures called vampires. Only one man shows immunity to this virus and survives with his humanity intact Robert Neville. What follows is an epic battle between Robert who does everything within his powers to save himself and the human race and the new society of vampires that are determined to eliminate Robert who they see as a threat to the existence of their newly formed society (Matheson 12). The events in the novel shed light on various themes that have been at the centre of humanity’s existence such as love the desire to live loss suffering etc. In this essay I will focus on the overwhelming events like killing his wife. This helps in understanding the progression of events in the novel. The theme of loss is a universal one across the entire of humanity. Loss can occur across the various dimensions of our lives including loss of our loved ones loss of our many relationships in our communities and societies as well as the more painful loss of peace order and tranquility of our minds. Loss has a devastating effect on our health and wellbeing as can be seen with Robert Neville in the Richard Matheson’s novel. The positive side to loss is that it triggers us to rise up and fight to restore what we have lost with such an amazing will and strength as Robert Neville continuously demonstrated in the novel. Works cited Matheson Richard. I am Legend. Macmillan (2007): 1-160 Freud Sigmund. “The uncanny.” Fantastic literature: A critical reader (2004): 74-101.
This essay requires that you pitch your own essay topic rather than follow a specific prompt that I provide. This means you will need to decide what to write about and I will help you refine that idea in class next week.

In order to come up with a pitch, I ask that you first think about one specific aspect of I am Legend that you want to write about. This can be a thematic element (such as isolation, human need, socialization, memory, empathy, etc.) or a focus on a relationship in the book (Neville’s relationship with Cortman, his family, the dog, or Ruth).

I would then like you to find one or two parts of the book where this element or relationship is “doing” the most work. This will keep you from trying to write about the entire novel and allow you to focus on details.

From there, think about you idea and that part of the novel in relation to EITHER (not both) Freud’s “The Uncanny” or Said’s “Orientalism.” Think about how these approaches change, relate to, or deepen your understanding of that part of the book.

With this information in mind, you will write a 4-5 page essay about that part of the book. Similarly to your Poetry introduction, you should write to an audience who hasn’t yet read I am Legend but wants to, and think about how your reading of the text, along with the critical reading, will help that person understand the book more completely, as you do now.

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