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I Am Aware That You Are An Economics Tutor But A Previous Tutor Just Unassigned


I am aware that you are an economics tutor but a previous tutor just unassigned a question that is due today. I would appreciate it if you could do it since you did an amazing job on my last paper you wrote.

Research two publically traded companies of your choice (one manufacturer and one service). Write a research paper that compares and contrasts the cost drivers and indirect costs of these two companies. Explain the variance in the two observed companies. Analyze how the cost drivers for these two companies compare with those in your current or previous organization?


1,000-1,250-words excluding the title page and references. Use at least three scholarly or professional journal articles written within the last five years cited in APA format. Include an introduction and conclusion. No plagiarism and make sure you use in-text citations. Reference page should also be APA format.


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