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How Technology and Social Media Have Helped Shape the Millennials

How Technology and Social Media have Shaped the Millennials (Outline) Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation How Technology and Social Media have Shaped the Millennials (Outline) Introduction The modern world has seen rapid changes in technological advancements. These high-tech innovations have had a significant impact on the millennials that is the people born between the 1980s and 2000. Technology has shaped every aspect of their ranging from social economic educational and family lives among others. Overview This part will give an outline of the millennials which include the percentage of the population they account for general characteristics associated with the group and the popular forms of technological gadgets and social media platforms in use. Thesis statement This part will give a few sentences what the paper will cover. The control of technology and new generation. The Leadership Quarterly 28(1) 245-260. Au-Yong-Oliveira M. Gonçalves R. Martins J. & Branco F. (2017). The social impact of technology on millennials and consequences for higher education and leadership. Telematics And Informatics. Gupta S. & Bansal E. (2016). Consumer Orientation Towards Online Buying Via Social Media Platforms. International Journal Of Scientific Research And Education. Rubenzer T. (2015). Social Media Foreign Policy: Examining the Political Use of Social Media by Ethnic Identity Groups in the United States. Politics 36(2) 153-168. Thompson C. & Gregory J. (2012). Managing Millennials: A framework for improving attraction motivation and retention. The Psychologist-Manager Journal 15(4) 237-246. Towner T. & Lego Munoz C. (2016). Boomers versus Millennials: Online Media Influence on Media Performance and Candidate Evaluations. Social Sciences 5(4) 56.
Gather your preliminary research. Look at your sources and categorize information according to topics related to your thesis.
Organize the topics into the most logical order for presenting information and make each category I,II,III, etc., in the outline.
Write at least 50 words under each category, summarizing the major findings from the literature.
Come up with at least three major arguments and/or points for your major headings. Label those A,B,C, etc.
Write at least 50 words describing the basis for each of your points and the sources that will support this.

The outline should look like this:

I. Introduction – write 50 words

II. Main Argument 1 – write 50 words

A. Topic 1.1 – write 50 words

B. Topic 1.2 – write 50 words

C. Topic 1.3 – write 50 words

III. Main Argument 2 – write 50 words

A. Topic 2.1 – write 50 words

B. Topic 2.2 – write 50 words

C. Topic 2.3 – write 50 words

IV. Main Argument 3 – write 50 words

A. Topic 3.1 – write 50 words

B. Topic 3.2 – write 50 words

C. Topic 3.3 – write 50 words

V. Conclusion – Write 50 words

There is an example outline attached. I also attached my research proposal for the paper.

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