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Homosexuality in Christianity

Homosexuality and Christianity Name Institution Professor Course Date Introduction Homosexuality is sexual attraction to or interest in members of one’s own sex. The word homosexual is used synonymously with the word gay. Female homosexuals are called lesbians. During different eras and in various cultures homosexuality has been frowned upon banned punished or even tolerated and approved of. In ancient Rome and Greece homosexuality was common as adult men related to adolescent males. Many religions of the world have considered homosexuality to be a sin. Many Christian and Jewish leaders have taken it upon themselves to declare that their religions forbid the actions of homosexuals. There are some Christians from fractions of mainstream Protestantism and Reform rabbis that advocate that homosexuals should be accepted into the church as well as their actions. As such this is a controversial topic that threatens to cause divisions in some Christian denominations. Homosexuality however God. While the Old Testament says that homosexuals should be put to death the New Testament says that homosexuals cannot inherit the Kingdom of God. However Christians do not allow themselves to think that homosexuals do not deserve respect and love those that are against homosexuality try their best to reform homosexuals so that they can fellowship with them. Bibliography Fisher Anthony. 2014. “Same-Sex ‘Marriage’: Evolution Or Deconstruction Of Marriage And The Family?.” Mathibe Reneilwe. 2015. “The Conflicts: Christianity And Homosexuality”. Tandfonline 29 (1): 81-84. doi:10.1080/10130950.2015.1010298. Nkosi S. and F. Masson. 2017. “Christianity And Homosexuality: Contradictory Or Complimentary? A Qualitative Study Of The Experiences Of Christian Homosexual University Students”. South African Journal Of Higher Education 31 (4). doi:10.20853/31-4-891. Sheehan Michael M. 1982. “Christianity And Homosexuality”. The Journal Of Ecclesiastical History 33 (03): 438-446. doi:10.1017/s0022046900026300. Subhi Nasrudin and David Geelan. 2012. “When Christianity And Homosexuality Collide: Understanding The Potential Intrapersonal Conflict”. Journal Of Homosexuality 59 (10): 1382-1402. doi:10.1080/00918369.2012.724638.
Essay Outline
Students will submit a 1 page essay outline that include: a thesis statement (or argument), three main points of discussion in the paper, and an annotated bibliography with a minimum of five academic sources. The annotated bibliography will include the list of academic (and other) sources as well as a brief description of the source and how it will contribute to the essay. The instructor will provide feedback and suggestions on the outline in a timely manner so that students will have the opportunity to use those recommendations during the completion of the writing assignment.

You need to use these four sources and find one more.

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