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History 311 “The Great War”

Dear Editor I am writing this letter to express my concerns about the decision of the United States of America to enter the Great War.I am the leader of the American Federation of Labour.Every war is a catastrophe a failure to solve out ideological differences and interests or bar the American Quota was filled up the American War department was restricted from accepting black volunteers. Following the war African Americans were allowed to work in cavalry engineering medicine and infantry. The war led to both positive and negative impacts especially to the laborers in America. Warm Regards Name
DB 7, The Great War

The decision to enter the Great War was vigorously contested in the United States. This week’s DB is going to focus on the debate over that decision. Choose an identity and position from one of the following:

President Wilson, or pro-war political figure
IWW or AFL labor leader
Immigrant of German or Irish ancestry
Radical or moderate suffragist

Use the textbook and lecture to educate yourself about early reactions in the US to the War in Europe. You may research your character and position using outside resources, but this must be documented using MLA citations.

Engage in the debate writing a letter to the editor of the local paper. In this letter, make sure to:

identify yourself and position regarding the war,
explain how you see the war affecting the interests you represent, and
what is in the best interests of the country, and why.
The purpose of the letter is to persuade others and affect public opinion.

Coursework Material:
-The Great War and U.S. Globalism part 1,2,3
-The Progressive Crusade?
-The Great War at Home part 1,2,3,4
Helpful things to consider: Assess the efforts of the federal government to shape public opinion about the war.
-Evaluate the factors that led to US involvement in the war.
-Explain the social, economic and political impact of the war.
-Be very detailed of the time and whats going on this professor is very picky.
-Express personal thoughts and reasoning related to the material

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