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Hijab should not be compulsory for Iranian women

Name Professor Course Date Hijab Should not be Compulsory for Iranian Women Introduction Iranian women have had more opportunities and more restrictions on others. Their legal status has changed during different historical and political eras. The laws in the country always define the status of rights of women on matters concerning marriage education divorce clothing as well as health and related issues. The Iran Human Rights Documentation Centre (IHRDC) contains the rights and privileges of Iranian people including women. For instance an Iranian woman who without acceptable excuse disagrees with this or fails to conform to the wishes of the husband this amounts to nushuz or disobedience. This means that an Iranian woman has no freedom to make her choices before getting the consent of the husband for whatever the decision may be. The sharia law of Iran also deprives women their rights to travel abroad enter into stadiums inclined and as such it is bound to show their commitment to religious faith. Hijab has no religious origin because Quran has no verse to approve that but it’s a cultural practice. The dressing makes women be discriminated as in the case of Iran women and they feel uncomfortable in public spaces. There are also health issues with Hijab such as obesity and vitamin D deficiency as one gets no enough sunlight to the skin and less of it is synthesized leading to weak bones. Works Cited. Fedorack. S.A. Anthropology Matters Second Edition. University of Toronto Press 2012. Gabriel Theodore P. C and Rabiha Hannan. Islam and the Veil: Theoretical and Regional Contexts. London: Continuum 2011. Internet resource. Hoban. G. Nielsen.W. & Shepherd. A. Student-generated Digital Media in Science Education: Learning Explaining and Communicating Content. Routledge 2015. Taheri. K. “Iranian Women Still Denied Fundamental Rights.” Huffington Post. US edition.
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