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Walmart four managerial functions Name Institution Professor Course Date INTRODUCTION Walmart Stores Inc. is a well-managed multinational retail corporation based in America. The corporation runs a wide range of businesses including department stores grocery stores as well as a hypermarket (Data 2006). Walmart Stores Inc. is geared towards increasing its profit margins as well as motivating its staff to ensure its productivity is increased. Additionally the Walmart Stores Inc. is very keen with is supply chain as it is the backbone of its business operation (Data 2006). It is involved in effective management of its supply chain to ensure there is a continuous supply even in time of crises. Walmart Stores Inc. is also technology conscious as it has automated nearly all its operation to increase the level of customer satisfaction as well as to remain viable in the industry by maintaining its competitive edge (Samli 2015). In spite assist the company to achieve its goals with ease. Monitoring as well as leadership styles employed are clearly expounded on. The need for integration of the four managerial skills is quite important in any organization. Generally there is a detailed explanation of how the four managerial function of any organization or corporation are practically carried out in Walmart Stores Inc. thus ensuring the thesis expectation is achieved. References Data F. (2006). WAL-MART STORES INC. Fayol H. (2016). General and industrial management. Ravenio Books. Helfat C. E. & Peteraf M. A. (2015). Managerial cognitive capabilities and the microfoundations of dynamic capabilities. Strategic Management Journal  36(6) 831-850. Monczka Robert M. et al. Purchasing and supply chain management. Cengage Learning 2015 p. 11-19. Samli A. C. (2015). Store Performance Evaluation. In Coping with Retail Giants (pp. 191-198). Palgrave Macmillan US.Slack N. (2015). Operations strategy. John Wiley & Sons Ltd. Werner Hartmut. Supply chain management. Wiesbaden: Gabler 2000 p. 44-67.
This is a Two Part Project because I will need a (Power Point Presentation) as well based on the information from the Research paper that is written here.

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