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Hate crime

Name Institution Date HISTORY OF HATE CRIMES IN THE USA The Oxford dictionary defines a hate crime as a crime which is predominantly motivated by sexual intentions racially charged or is in one way prejudiced because of a particular fact. Typically a hate crime is violent in nature. The USA is a country which is made up of a population from different origins and backgrounds. Additionally more than ninety percent of the American population isn’t and aboriginal people. The only population that is native to the American land is that of the Native Americans who make up less than ten percent of the population (Flint 20). The rest of the population is that if people who immigrated from the European continents in the 15th century and the African continent in the following decades. However even though America has a diverse population it still is one of the most violent it is also as important to mention some crimes that have been committed against persons due to their sexual orientation. Although the federal government legalized same-sex marriages some people in the country still have a problem with the lesbian/gay community. These differences have led some people to commit crimes against persons of the said community. For instance in 2010 in the Bronx hooligans from the Latin King Goonies physically assaulted and robbed three gay men of their property. the crime was charged by hate and the eider of the gang pleaded guilty in a court of law. He was sentenced to fourteen years in a federal penitentiary (Hall 30). Works cited Flint Colin ed. Spaces of Hate: Geographies of Discrimination and Intolerance in the USA. Routledge 2013. Hall Nathan. Hate crime. Routledge 2013. Levin Jack and Jack MacDevitt. Hate crimes: The rising tide of bigotry and bloodshed. Springer 2013.
four pages plus work cited page and in MLA format

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