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Hard work pays off

Name Institution Professor Date Hard work pays Introduction The phrase hard work pays has widely been used. Its meaning can be understood differently by different persons. However I can testify the truth in this phrase. The meaning of the phrase can be understood as an example of a person struggling with his or her job. The struggle can be so high to the point that one will choose to quit. However learning and having the goals for the results keeps one determined to achieve speaking it has been a really hard job from my early life. Remembering the days when I used to go without food putting on tattered clothes. I remember a customer buying my products out of sympathy. For real the situation then was one very disappointing. But good Lord is ever faithful to answer the efforts of everyone who chose to work hard. The firms are now grown with more than a hundred workers. I truly see the essence of the phrase hard work pays.
This is a personal essay about something i belive in

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