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Good death into the wild

Name: Professor: Course: Date: A Good Death Introduction The death process is often dreaded as a painful process. It can also be perceived as either unpleasant or less painful depending on the cause of death. Into the wild written by Jon Krakauer and the article When I Die by Brooke Jarvis hold a basic similarity as they describe the death process of different individuals at different time setting and environment. Into The Wild entails a narration by Jon Krakauer regarding the story of Christopher McCandless beginning from the point Christopher graduates from Emory University located in Atlanta Georgia to his final death in Alaska. The story in Into The Wild begins with the body of Christopher Johnson McCandless being discovered in an abandoned bus in Alaska. It proceeds to narrate the 28). The author perceives Christopher’s death process as a painful and intolerable death. However the dying process in the article when I’m gone is quite contrasting as Rasmussen’s death process entails palliative care. This ensures a painless death with contented emotional peace as Rasmussen dies. In this article the author perceives Rasmussen’s death as an emotionally peaceful death as well as opportunity. In conclusion various individuals have various perspectives of the dying process as illustrated by the two instances presented by the two literary works. However the markers of a good death entail one receiving family love and attention as well as dying a peaceful death. References Brooke Jarvis. When I Die. An end-of-life doctor faces his own end Letter from Oregon. Page 39-45. Krakauer Jon. Into the wild. Anchor 2009: (1-141)
1. you must have read and must have the book into the wild because you will need to find all your quotations in the book. 2. you must not use the internet for sources and citations. all must come from the book into the wild by Jon Krakauer. 3. it’s a max 800 words essay 4. the question is: 3. What constitutes a good death? Write an essay looking at the process of dying in Into the Wild and “When I Die”

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