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Global Terrorism 1

Global Terrorism Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Global Terrorism Question 2: Definition of terrorism With the prevailing increased terror attacks different individuals have ventured into analyzing the vice where their arguments posit distinct definitions of the terrorism. For instance Brett Bowden in his article “In the terror (s) of our Time (s) ” he suggests that terrorism is a violent means to facilitate political changes. The article holds that terrorism entails “intimidation with purpose” where individuals are “forced to do things they would otherwise not do” (Bowden 2007). His definition insinuates that terrorism focuses on attaining a political change or changes in various administrative policies. The definition is however contradicted by Matthew Morgan in the article “Origin of New Terrorism” where he claims that a new form of terrorism has emerged. He that the term a weapon for the weak was coined. The essence of weakness does not signify defeat or physical weakness; it signifies a failure to understand the circumstances under which to supply terror to a given audience. Terrorism is orchestrated by people who fail to understand why terror is the only weapon to express their grievances. The future of terrorism is becoming predictable losing the major pillar of being sporadic. In other words constant and continuous terror attacks tend to numb the target as opposed to sporadic attacks. The concept of terrorism is losing meaning due to the advancements in intelligence resources. A terrorist can no longer carry out the activities without interception by authorities. References Hutchinson M. C. (1972). The concept of revolutionary terrorism. Journal of Conflict Resolution  16(3) 383-396.
Please see attached for assignment, have at least one source per question in APA format.

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