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Global Diversity Training Memo- Human Resources

Memo To: Human Resource Vice President Cc: Google President From:HR South Asian HQ Singapore Date: 14/01/2018 Re: Global Diversity Training In one mind the importance of diversity cannot be undermined for its role in the organizational growth. As a reputable international brand maintaining the reputation and our brand depends on the effectiveness of each person in fulfilling his or her role. The call for preparation of all members and this will be done through emailing and using digital forms to invite the members to the training. Additionally through creating a diversity core program the members will be able to raise their diversity concerns. Thus it will give us adequate time to prepare and assemble the necessary resources and professionals during the actual training program.
Imagine that you have been employed as a Human Resource Leadership practitioner for the South Asian Google headquarters in Singapore for the last six months. You check your corporate website ( and realize that per corporate policies you should develop a training program to address diversity in your regional workforce.

Write a memo to your corporate Human Resource Vice President and Google President:

Explain the required need for developing a diversity training program.
What should the training include?
How should it be designed to address the needs of your regional operation?

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