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Gideons Trumpet Book Report

Name Professor Course Date Book report: Gideon’s trumpet The book Gideon trumpet is a piece written by Antony Lewis which has been considered one of the remarkable pieces that Antony has ever written. It has received a reward for being the best fact book of crime. The book gives the narration of a story about Wainright vs. Gideon case. In the book Antony highlights one of the rulings that were passed by the United States Supreme Court. According to this ruling the criminal defendants are provided with rights to coordinate with the attorney even in the circumstance they can’t afford. The story is based on the character Gideon a mature man that was charged with a crime of contravention into the swimming pool chamber and robbing money in the machine (Simon 581). This character was a 51-year-old white man who had never been prison throughout his life. In Gideon Lewis: Pioneer in the Court’s Pressroom.” Mo. L. Rev. 79 (2014): 901. Glaser Jordan. “The Silence of Gideon’s Trumpet: The Court’s Inattention to Systemic Inequities Causing Violations of Speedy Trial Rights in Vermont v. Brillon 129 S. Ct. 1283 (2009).” Neb. L. Rev. 89 (2010): 396. Krash Abe. “The Architects of the Gideon Decision: Abe Fortas and Justice Hugo Black.” (2013): 1191. Law Common. “Common Law.” trial 3 (2009): 11. Lentine John A. “Gideon at Fifty: The Broken Promise.” Am. J. Trial Advoc. 37 (2013): 375. Lewis Anthony. Gideon’s trumpet. Vintage 2011. Schwinn Steven D. “Sidestepping Lassiter on the Path to Civil Gideon: Civil Douglas.” Clearinghouse Rev. 40 (2006): 217. Simon David A. “Equal before the law: Toward a restoration of Gideon’s promise.” Harv. CR-CLL Rev. 43 (2008): 581. Turner Charles C. “The Motivating Text: Assigning Hannah Arendt’s” Eichmann in Jerusalem”.” PS: Political Science and Politics 38.1 (2005): 67-69.
This is a book report on the book Gideon’s Trumpet by Anthony Lewis. It has to be 8 pages.

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