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Getting Management Buy In To Implement A Safety Management Systemthis Assignment


Getting Management Buy-in to Implement a Safety Management System

This assignment was designed to provide you with an opportunity to apply the concepts you have learned about safety management systems. You will be making a persuasive argument to management to influence them to implement a safety management system.

As a recent graduate of a particular University Safety and Emergency Services program, you have just been hired as the occupational safety and health (OSH) manager for a company who is currently taking a traditional approach to safety management. Having recently completed the Integrated Safety Management Systems course, you realize the value of implementing a safety management system and want to help your company manage safety more effectively. After several requests, you have finally been given an opportunity to present your case to senior-level management. Your new manager has informed you that the company is uninterested in changing direction, and you are wasting your time. Since you may not get this opportunity again, and you are only being provided 30 minutes, you must make the sale!

Using the information you have covered in Units I and II, prepare a 12- to 14-slide presentation that depicts how you would persuade management to implement a safety management system. Your presentation must be developed to meet the time constraints of management and must:

·         Provide a brief overview of safety management systems (SMS),             

·         Highlight how the company will benefit from implementing an SMS,              

·         Explain the difference between an SMS and a traditional safety program,             

·         Provide an overview of the implementation process,

·         Provide an example of an organization that has successfully implemented an SMS, and

·         Include a recommendation for a specific SMS (standard or guideline) for the company to consider (must explain why you chose

          that specific SMS).

As part of the presentation, you are required to use the notes section for each content slide to reinforce your presentation. Ensure your presentation includes visuals such as images and graphics to supplement your message. You should use at least two academic reliable sources to support your presentation. Images and graphics, along with supporting references and in-text citations, must follow APA formatting guidelines and must be free of errors. Title and reference slides should be included, but does not count toward the total slide requirement.

Course Textbook: Rahman, Z. A. (2017). Safety Culture at the Workplace. Gading Journal for the Social Sciences, 10(01), 17-26.


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