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Get Out Annotated Bibliography

Name Instructor Course Date Get Out: An Annotated Bibliography Crain’s W. Blaxploitation: Social Commentary in “Blacula” and “Get Out.” In this particular article the author explores the theme of “Blaxploitation ” a theme that represents the exploitation and harassment of African Americans in the United States. The article notes that films created based on this theme usually focus on morality and black justice as opposed to serving as mere entertainment for black audiences. This article not only points out the usefulness of “Get Out’ in pointing out the discrimination African Americans face in the country but also compares it with another film ’Blacula ” a film that explores “white vampirism as a metaphor for slavery. The themes of police brutality and slavery are first discussed as portrayed by Blacula and discussed based on how they were revisited in Peele’s Peele’s Horror Masterpiece “Get Out” Expertly Satirizes Suburban Racists. Plot and Theme.22 February 2017. Retrieved from Accessed on 4th February 2018. The author in this review pursues the portrayal of modern race relations in the United States. The use of comedy a satirical core and a bloody mess are all discussed in how they help the potent allegory in “Get Out” to paint the picture of racism.The author discusses the unique view of racism according to Jordan Peele’s screenplay-that racism is a topic that the white majority like to sweep under the carpet and pretend that the violent racism that was witnessed in the past is over. Nonetheless the film according to the author offers perspective into the hypocrisy that suburban America adopts when it comes to racism-that blacks should be free yet inferior at the same time.
Create Annotated Bibliography for “Get Out”

I have attached the Template for the annotated bibliography, & a list of sources to avoid.

Minimum requirements:

At least 15 sources from the database or credible websites, books, etc.
Use the template found in the Research Folder.
.doc or docx file (Microsoft word)
MLA 8 citation style
Submitted on time
Size 12pt, Times New Roman font

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