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Gender movie

Jeffrey is a 1995 movie that was directed by Christopher Ashley. The movie is a gay romantic film. The movie is centered around a young man by the name Jeffrey. The story in the movie happens in Manhattan. The power structure in the movie is dynamic. At the start of the movie Jeffrey wields a lot of power as a promiscuous gay man who really loves sex. However there comes in a more powerful force which is HIV AIDS. With the spread of HIV Jeffrey was convinced that far as cross dressing is concerned each and everyone has the freedom to do whatever they want as long as they don’t harm someone else. If I was the person facing the challenges that Jeffrey (main character) is facing I would also feel at conflict. It is very hard to be in love with someone but this person has a condition that would affect you for example infect you with AIDS. It is a dilemma that would require one to think deep about and even seek some counselling.
Write a 2 pagea opinion paper with the following issues addressed:
once you except the work, i’ll the MOVIE LINK for ya

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