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Fredrick Douglass

Student’s name Institution Course Date (1857) Frederick Douglass “If There Is No Struggle There Is No Progress” Douglass’s speech is about slavery and freedom. Fredrick Douglass is a person who has always been persistent when it comes to fighting towards equality before and also after the end of the slavery period. He was once a slave himself and thus made all efforts towards the end of slavery (Chesnutt 2013). In the speech Douglass focuses more on the history of the efforts made by Britain towards emancipation. Douglass also focuses on the role that the West Indian slaves played as they struggled towards attaining freedom. His speech could be said to be effective in the sense that it commemorates how far the end to these inhuman practices of considering colored people as slaves for the whites. The primary subject of the speech is fighting against slavery and being able to attain freedom. Fredrick encourages every man to stand up and fight for himself in order to attain freedom. The Tone of the speech could be considered as either enthusiastic or even encouraging as Fredrick Douglass is encouraging all the men out there to stand up and fight for themselves to attain freedom with so much enthusiasm. References (1857) Frederick Douglass “If There Is No Struggle There Is No Progress.” Retrieved from of Form Chesnutt C. (2013). Frederick Douglass. Dover Publications. Newbold C. (2017). SOAPStone Strategy for Written Analysis. Retrieved from of Form
write a well developed essay in which you analyze why this is an effective speech. Make sure you include in your analysis his use of rhetorical strategies and your understanding of SOAPS.

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