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Forum 5: The Adolescents’ ‘Quest for Autonomy’ and its Effect on Parent / Caregiver-Child Relationships

Name Institution’s name Professor’s name Date Adolescents’ ‘Quest of Autonomy’ and its Effect on Caregiver-Child Relationships Adolescent refers to someone who is undergoing developments to cross from childhood to adulthood. According to the WHO definition an adolescent is aged between 10-19 years. This conceptual paper explores the Adolescents’ ‘Quest of Autonomy and its effect on caregiver child relationships. Adolescence is the stage of physical as well as sexual development at which young ones see themselves as miniature adults already and tend to express while maintaining an affectionate relationship between caregivers and these adolescents. Work CitedBazzano Alicia et al. “Mindfulness based stress reduction (MBSR) for parents and caregivers of individuals with developmental disabilities: A community-based approach.” Journal of Child and Family Studies 24.2 (2015): 298-308. Moore Quianta Claire BoCChini and Jean Raphael. “Development of an Evidence-Based Early Childhood Development Strategy.” (2016). Rooney MaryEllen. A comparison of the effects of three intervention approaches on parental self-efficacy parenting skills and parental stress levels of impoverished parents. Diss. Teachers College Columbia University 2012.
Forum 5: The Adolescents’ ‘Quest for Autonomy’ and its Effect on Parent/Caregiver-Child Relationships

This assignment centers on discussing the adolescents’ ‘Quest for Autonomy’ and its effects on parent/caregiver-child relationships.

Chapter 12 of your text discusses adolescents’ ‘Quest for Autonomy’, as well as how it can cause possible issues in parent/caregiver-child relationships. Discuss your own quest for autonomy with your parent(s)/caregiver(s). What were the positive and negative aspects? What are you/will you do differently if you have children? If you do not wish to discuss yourself, feel free to discuss someone you know (no names or identifying information please), or you can discuss what the research says about this topic. If you use other’s experiences or research, discuss what parents SHOULD do in terms of making this process a smoother transition. What should parents NOT do during this process?

NOTE: Your response must be written in your own words; however if you use information from the text and/or other sources to support your response, the page number(s) MUST be cited from the text, and if using other sources, the link(s), page numbers, etc MUST be cited.

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