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Foreigh Market Strategy

Foreign Market Entry Strategies Student Name Institutional Affiliation Foreign Market Entry Strategies There are three main foreign market entry strategies which are exporting licensing and investment. Exporting involves the selling of goods and services produced in one country to a foreign market (Bonga 2017). Examples of export-oriented industries include Skyworks solution Intel Apple Inc. among others. Exporting comprises of two types which are direct and indirect. Direct exporting refers to selling directly to a foreign nation market using one’s resources. Direct export is appropriate especially when operating with small volumes of goods and services. Indirect exportation Foreign investment is costlier than exportation. It is also easy to lose national identity while trying to invest in a foreign country. Examples of direct foreign investment countries include Sony Toyota motor Nestle and Nissan motor just but to mention a few. References Bonga W. (2017). Challenges Faced by SMEs on Exportation and Possible Strategies. SSRN Electronic Journal. Brown  B. J. Clow  J. E. & McGraw-Hill Education (Firm). (2015). Introduction to business. Merlevede B. & Purice V. (2015). Distance time since foreign entry and productivity spillovers from foreign direct investment. Papers In Regional Science 95(4) 775-800.
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