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Five Page Research Paper: Why Don’t People Report Crimes to the Police?

Name Professor Course Date Why Don’t People Report Crimes to the Police Introduction The rate of crime has increased worldwide but the number of the offenses reported to the police is insignificant considering the frequency as well as the number of crimes. The criminal justice systems in the world and more specifically in Canada have tried to deter crime through the use of the various deterrence methods but all have failed to yield significant positive results. In the society more crimes have occurred but a miniscule percentage of the total crimes has been reported to the police. One of the most important and useful ways of helping curb crime is through the report of the criminal incidences to the police. However there reasons why people will report of fail to report a crime to the police. Therefore this paper will be offering precise reasons why the people in the reporting obligation in certain severe crimes. Additionally the police should avoid treating the varying sectors of the population differently as it likely creates a negative attitude and affects the individuals’ willingness to report the crimes. Works Cited Langton Lynn et al. Victimizations not reported to the police 2006-2010. Washington DC: US Department of Justice Office of Justice Programs Bureau of Justice Statistics 2012. Paperny Anna. Why don’t women report rape? Because Most Get No Justice When They Do. 2015. Retrieved from: Accessed on June 6 2017. Posick Chad & Singleton Michael. Why crimes Aren’t Reported: The Role of Emotional Distress and Perceptions of Police Response. 2014. Retrieved from: Accessed on June 6 2017. Rogers Colin et al. Police Work: Principles and Practice. Routledge 2011. Kimenju Grace N. Determinants of reporting or failing to report a crime to Police: A case study of Githurai 45 Nairobi. Diss. University of Nairobi 2015.
This research paper will research and discuss a self-selected topic related to an injustice and/or limitation found within the Canadian criminal justice system, one which is not significantly covered in the lecture material. This paper is worth 20% of your final grade. It is due June 6th before 1:00pm and must be submitted through Moodle. Please note that papers submitted by e-mail are not accepted. On June 1st there will be a library instructional session teaching students how to effectively conduct research and utilize library resources. Papers are to be 5 pages total, double spaced, using Calibri font size 11, which is the default font on the latest versions of Microsoft Word (2007 versions and newer). The 5 pages does not include your title page and bibliography, these are additional pages. Papers must stay within the 5 page guideline. Thus, they cannot be 4 or 6 pages. There will be a leeway of 6 double spaced lines (or one paragraph) over or under the 5 page guideline. The title page must include your full name, the date, the name of the course assignment, the course name and course code, and your instructor’s name. Margins must be the Microsoft Word default margins (1 inch all around for Microsoft Word 2007 and newer). Page numbers must also be included at the bottom right hand corner of each sheet. At least four scholarly resources must be used, including both books and journal articles, however, not including the required readings (though you are encouraged to use your readings in addition to the four other sources). Watch this video tutorial which explains how to identify scholarly resources. You may also cite materials that are not scholarly—and there is no limit to how many documents you would like to cite. Use APA style in-text citations and also include a reference list using APA style. Watch this video tutorial that explains how to cite using APA style. The following should be used as a guide for your paper, and must include these four components:
1) Introduction: state the main goal and argument of your paper, provide a road map for the reader, and outline what this paper will cover and explain.
2) Body: identify key scholarly resources, provide an overview and summary of relevant scholarly literature, outline major patterns and themes identified in your sources, and provide a critical and in-depth analysis of the issue(s) based on research evidence.
3) Conclusion: re-state main points of the paper, and summarize the finding of your analysis.
4) Recommendations: leave the reader with final recommendations for change or guidelines for action.
Papers will be graded for insight, analytic skills, synthesis, inclusion and organization of relevant materials, proper APA citation, bibliographic references, and clarity of expression. Please proofread your paper to ensure there is no spelling, grammar, or typographical errors. Both form and content will be taken into consideration in the grading of this paper.

My topic is: Why Don’t People Report Crimes to the Police?

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