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Final Essay ” Get Out”

Name Instructor Course Date Get Out Essay In the film Get Out Chris the main character is frequently hypnotized into a “sunken place” a place where no matter how hard he screams he cannot be heard. In more ways than one Get Out portrays what it feels like to be a black man in America. Get Out goes beyond the more familiar forms of racism adopted in films such as slavery and poverty among blacks but explores more progressive well-meaning liberal whites and how they aggravate the situation when they contribute to the silencing of voices from people of color thus helping trap them in the “sunken place”. Screenplays have been an effective tool at both exposing and propagating racism. Both the new and the old Hollywood propagate stereotypes against African Americans. These stereotypes include aggression kleptomaniac behavior poverty drug addiction fiscal irresponsibility and even daftness. However in the and society. Haymarket Books 2015. Matcke R. How Hollywood Stole My Identity: African American Representation in the films Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner and Get Out (Doctoral dissertation) 2018. Peele J. They Smile in Your Face: Uncovering the Unpleasant Realities and History Hidden in Black-White Racial Dynamics 2017. . Smith Zadie. Getting In and Out. Harper’s magazine.24 June 2017. Retrieved from: Accessed on 4th February 2018. Sullivan Shannon. Good white people: The problem with middle-class white anti-racism. Suny Press 2014. Tatum Beverly Daniel. Why are all the Black kids sitting together in the cafeteria?: And other conversations about race. Basic Books 2017. Ware Vron. Beyond the pale: White women racism and history. Verso Books 2015. Wright Joshua K. “Black Outlaws and the Struggle for Empowerment in Blaxploitation Cinema.” Spectrum: A Journal on Black Men 2.2 (2014): 63-86. Yancy George. Black Bodies White Gazes: The Continuing Significance of Race in America. Rowman & Littlefield 2016.
Minimum requirements:

1. Word Count

a. For “A” credit, the paper must be, a full seven (7) pages long, with the last paragraph ending at the bottom of page seven (7), or the top of page eight (8), and the Works Cited page appearing on the eighth (8) or ninth (9) page.
2. Mode/genre of writing (expository, argument, or narrative)
a. The essay is an argumentative research paper
3. Format
a. Posted as a .doc or .docx file (Microsoft word documents only)
b. The paper must include an introductory paragraph, body paragraphs sufficient to support the claim, and a concluding paragraph.
c. Works cited page reflecting the protocols of MLA
d. In text citations

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