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Fieldwork 2

Business News Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Business News According to BBC News Uber Company is set to sell $10bn stake to Softbank. The traveling company has struck a deal by a consortium led by Japanese Softbank and San Francisco group Dragoneer which will enable it to enter a vast investment. The money from the Softbank will fuel the expansion of Uber and its investment in technology. SSE’s United Kingdom energy supply in the formation of a new company. Innogy’ write down reported Npower’s value for a nine-month result. The metrics used in this news piece are also significant in getting to the conclusion. An important aspect I could add as an editor is a brief introduction of the two companies News source: BBC News On 13 November 2017 retrieved from
Watch approximately 1 hour of business news on a major network. If you absolutely have no access to a TV, you can alternatively check the news network online media (videos, etc.). Remember there are many free ways to watch business news these days.
Take notes on the companies and organizations mentioned (At least 5. For each company mentioned, report the following:
The name of the company/organzation
The metric(s) used to analyze the company and the reported values (e.g., “profit,” value=$5m)
The conclusions drawn (e.g., … is outperforming the market)
Are the conclusions or suggestions made supported by the metrics used?
What other metrics would you have included in the report if you were the editor?
Note: Include the day/hour the news was broadcast as well as the network you watched. If you used online sources, include the details.

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