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Ferretti Group Case Study

The Ferretti Group: Case Study Report By Student‘s Name Code + Course Name Professor’s Name University Name City State Date Table of Contents TOC o “1-3” h z u Executive Summary PAGEREF _Toc502155210 h 3I.Strategic Analysis PAGEREF _Toc502155211 h 4A)External Analysis and Market Based View PAGEREF _Toc502155212 h 4B)Internal Analysis and Resource-Based View PAGEREF _Toc502155213 h 5C)Organizational Analysis and Organisation Based View PAGEREF _Toc502155214 h 6II.Identification of Key Strategic Issues PAGEREF _Toc502155215 h 7A)Economic Collapse PAGEREF _Toc502155216 h 7B)Rapid Expansion PAGEREF _Toc502155217 h 8C)Increased competition from new manufacturers PAGEREF _Toc502155218 h 9D)Debt reductions PAGEREF _Toc502155219 h 10E)New management PAGEREF _Toc502155220 h 11III.Future Strategic Options PAGEREF _Toc502155221 h 12A)Reduction of Net Debt PAGEREF _Toc502155222 h 13B)Restoration of Original Values PAGEREF _Toc502155223 h 14C)Synergy PAGEREF _Toc502155224 h 15D)Centralization PAGEREF _Toc502155225 h 16E)Simplification PAGEREF _Toc502155226 h 16IV.Strategy Evaluation and Selection PAGEREF _Toc502155227 h 17V.Justification of Recommendations and Action Plan PAGEREF _Toc502155228 h Dence R. (2017). Ferretti Group: Navigating through Stormy Seas. Case 6 pp.1-11. Grabowski R. (2012). The politics of rapid growth. Asian-Pacific Economic Literature 26(2) pp.29-40. Joanna W. (2014). The Impact of Domestic and Foreign Competition on Sectoral Growth: A Cross-Country Analysis. Bulletin of Economic Research 66(S1) pp.S110-S131. Magnusson J. 2013. Intentional Decentralization and Instinctive Centralization. Information Resources Management Journal 26(4) pp.1-17. Miklaszewska E. Mikolajczyk K. and Pawlowska M. (2012). The Consequences of Post-Crisis Regulatory Architecture for Banks in Central Eastern Europe. SSRN Electronic Journal. Romero L. 2015. The Ultimate Guide to Team Synergy. [online] Available at: < [Accessed 27 Dec. 2017]. Teasdale N. 2012. Fragmented Sisters? The Implications of Flexible Working Policies for Professional Women’s Workplace Relationships. Gender Work & Organization 20(4) pp.397-412. Will M. (2015). Successful organizational change through win-win. Journal of Accounting & Organizational Change 11(2) pp.193-214. Young G. 2010. Company Liquidations Interest Rates and Debt. The Manchester School 63(S1) pp.57-69.
Harvard Style, UK English, requires quick turnover and to follow the instructions exactly as outlined on page nine of the attached file.

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