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Family counseling session

Family Therapy Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Introduction Family counseling or family therapy is a branch of psychotherapy which deals with either family couple in intimate bonds to enhance the relationships. There are families and couples who seek this formal intervention when they are experiencing problems that may jeopardize the bond between the family members. These problems may include poor communication alcoholism or death of a close relative. It uses a range of techniques including strategic and structural therapy among others (Kaplan 2017). Family therapy emphasizes that bond between family members and couples are vital in psychological health. Depending on the situation of a family the sessions may range from five to twenty and they usually involve the therapist meeting several family members at a go. This paper will analyze the situation of the Robertson family and how will engage the family members as well as suggest the appropriate interventions his drug and alcohol problem on his son who is failing in school. Also Dan blames his alcoholism on his wife since she does not fulfill her duties as the wife. Peter on the other hand says that his parents are absent thus; he is recording poor grades in school. Each of these negative behaviors has contributed to the family’s dysfunction. The family can be helped by advising Dan to go to the rehabilitation and talking to the other members of the family to take responsibility for their behaviors and improve. References Brown K. & University Research Corporation. (2014). Family counseling: An annotated bibliography. Cambridge Mass: Oelgeschlager Gunn & Hain. Kaplan D. M. (2017). Family counseling for all counselors. Greensboro N.C: ERIC Counseling & Student Services Clearinghouse. West J. D. Bitter J. R. & Bubenzer D. (2013). Social construction in couple and family counseling. Alexandria Va: American Counseling Association.
You are conducting an initial family counseling session with the Robertsons. The family includes Dan Robertson (the father), Marie Robertson (the mother), and Peter Robinson (the 10-year-old son). The family has been referred to you for counseling. Dan is an alcoholic as well as a drug addict. His substance abuse has contributed to many family problems. You notice in the session that the only person talking is Dan. You also notice that when you encourage Peter and Marie to speak, they look at Dan prior to responding. Dan often interrupts and speaks for them.
This is your second session with the Robertsons. Dan appears to be resistant to family counseling; he refuses to accept responsibility for his choices that have caused so many family problems. Dan states, “If I have a drug or alcohol problem, it’s because of them. She won’t clean the house and he’s failing school. I don’t have the problem. They do.” Dan leaves the session. Marie states, “He expects the house to be clean, but most days I don’t even feel like getting out of bed. I just want to sleep.” Peter states, “He’s always nagging me about the Fs on my report card, but no one helps me with my homework so I don’t even try anymore.”
In your report of the session, you will describe the following In 825 words:
* How will you engage Marie and Peter even though Dan is not ready to participate?
* Explain the nonconstructive behaviors of Dan, Marie, and Peter that contribute to the family’s dysfunction.
* Identify the appropriate interventions for family recovery.

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